50 Reasons Why I Write

//50 Reasons Why I Write

50 Reasons Why I Write

I love writing.  I’ll never say I don’t.

But that doesn’t mean I always want to write. Sometimes, in the worst of times, I forget why I love it.

I forget why I write.

Sometimes writing is hard. When my novel feels like it’s falling apart and will never be finished. Never be good. When I feel like my brain has been put through the wash and I can’t think another thought about my WIP. When I know I need a metaphor or back story or symbolic element to add depth to my story but can’t think of the right way to weave it into my story. Everything that comes to mind is cliche, unoriginal, boring. Yes, sometimes writing is hard. And when writing is hard it can be hard to remember why I write.

So, I created a list of 50 reasons why I write.

50 Reasons Why I Write

50 Reasons Why I Write www.thewritingpal.com

  1. I write because I love it.
  2. I write because I’m good at it.
  3. I write because I can.
  4. I write because I have stories to tell.
  5. I write because I appreciate the magic of language.
  6. I write because I know I can revise.
  7. I write because I observe.
  8. I write because reading inspires me.
  9. I write because I can’t stop myself.
  10. I write because it’s what I studied.
  11. I write because my mom read to me.
  12. I write because I don’t know what I’d do instead.
  13. I write because I want my voice to be heard.
  14. I write because I want to.
  15. I write because it’s fun.
  16. I write because I’ve always written.
  17. I write because it’s important.
  18. I write because I believe in myself.
  19. I write because my voice deserves to be heard.
  20. I write because I’m a writer.
  21. I write because I can do hard things.
  22. I write because my ideas keep me up at night.
  23. I write because it makes me happy.
  24. I write to challenge myself myself.
  25. I write to practice my craft.
  26. I write to explore emotion.
  27. I write to inspire others.
  28. I write to make sense of the world.
  29. I write to make a difference.
  30. I write to be remembered.
  31. I write to relax.
  32. I write to try new things.
  33. I write to be original.
  34. I write to explain myself.
  35. I write to understand life.
  36. I write to converse with the voices in my head.
  37. I write to explore deep thoughts and unanswered questions.
  38. I write to relate to others.
  39. I write to experiment with word combinations.
  40. I write to express myself.
  41. I write to clear my head.
  42. I write to share what I know.
  43. I write to make something that didn’t previously exist.
  44. I write to keep my mind active.
  45. I write to leave my mark on the world.
  46. I write to learn.
  47. I write to be productive with my time.
  48. I write to share my experiences with others.
  49. I write to create and strengthen relationships.
  50. I write to be creative.

Why do you write? How many reasons can you come up with? Feel free to borrow some of mine!

Don’t have time to make your list right now? Save this to Pinterest for later!

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