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Create the Writing Lifestyle Right for You

Can You Relate?

You start writing, and you do really well…for a while. But then you struggle with burnout or lack of motivation. 

You follow a popular piece of writing advice, but it just doesn’t seem to work for you like it’s working for others.

You’ve been told you aren’t a real writer if you don’t write every day, if you aren’t published yet, or if you struggle to be prolific.

You are dissatisfied with your writing life and you wonder what will help you achieve your goals.

That Could Change

Imagine having a writing lifestyle personalized to fit your needs. Wouldn’t it be nice to understand yourself in a way that will help you know what writing tips and tricks work for you? You deserve to have confidence in your writing process.

Reinvent Your Writing Life

Creating a personalized writing lifestyle is the best gift you can give yourself as a writer. Write Your Way will help you create a lifestyle that works for you.

For $12.50 you get:

5 chapter ebook with over 60 pages (including 8 worksheets)

Chapter 1
How to have the right mentality
How to set proper expectations
How to define success

Chapter 2
A detailed approach to setting goals
How to make plans that include deadlines and boundaries
When to modify your goals


Chapter 3
30 ideas to experiment with your writing routine
How to create a writing space
How to create a writing lifestyle

Chapter 4
How to overcome writer’s block
How to stop procrastinating

Chapter 5
Two types of motivation
7 additional ways to stay motivated


Write Your Way Ebook